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                                   Covid-19 or Coronavirus has hit the world very roughly. Thousands of lives been lost already, Millions of people are infected around the world. And because of this pandemic, the world is facing huge crisis. From various sides, world is going down and collapsing, to recover from this, it will take a lot of efforts and time to heal our Mother Earth.

  • Economic Fall :-

                                     As the whole world is falling apart due to Coronavirus Pandemic, economies of many countries are going down. Currencies around the world has affected as well. Stock Markets has fallen down also during this crisis time. 

The Oil War has erupted and the price has gone down and this has put the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at risk. Barrel price was USD 25.29 (as on 13th May, 2020), according to business

In India, situation has worsen, when migrants labourers want to return home due to Covid-19 pandemic. Which created lot of panic and then Govt took control and helping them to reach their destinations. 

On the economic view of Indian economy, Economists are forecasting the Indian economy to shrink 0.4% in the year to March as a result of steps to contain the coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest survey by Bloomberg News.

Major companies in India such as Larsen & Toubro, Bharat Forge, UltraTech Cement, Grasim Industries, Aditya Birla Group,BHEL and Tata Motors have temporarily suspended or significantly reduced operations. Young startups have been impacted as funding has fallen.Fast-moving consumer goods companies in the country have significantly reduced operations and are focusing on essentials. Some defense deals have been affected/delayed due to the pandemic, such as the delivery of Dassault Rafale fighter jets. Stock markets in India posted their worst loses in history on 23 March 2020. However, on 25 March, one day after a complete 21-day lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister, SENSEX and NIFTY posted their biggest gains in 11 years, adding a value of ?4.7 lakh crore (US$66 billion) crore to investor wealth.

The Indian economy was expected to lose over ?32,000 crore (US$4.5 billion) every day during the first 21-days of complete lockdown, which was declared following the coronavirus outbreak. Under complete lockdown, less than a quarter of India's $2.8 trillion economic movement was functional. Up to 53% of businesses in the country were projected to be significantly affected.


  • Real Estate :- 

                                      Real Estate is one of the major sector which is going to be the one of the hardest hit sectors in the world as well as in India. 

Due to Covid-19, Work from home has becoming a new culture to mainatain social distancing while work flow will not be disturbed. Post Covid-19 world will be lot more different than today as its putting a question mark on work-spaces in a post Covid world.

Builders are looking for new designs of homes (according to, where 2.5 BHK will be the new trend while 0.5 out of 2.5 BHK will be used as office space for Work from home culture.


  • Investment :- 

                                      As investment options are shrinking, here's the best option for Better ROI (Return on Investment) is currently the Long-term investment options. One of them being the Invest in LANDS or PLOTSThe only reason to invest in PLOTS & LANDS is, in India Lands price is going higher than before, as the cities get crowded, its better to invest where the new Hubs are coming up. As Bangalore city is already crowded, one should be wise to invest in outskirt as the city expands itself, it will automatically increase the price of the PLOT or LAND you would buy today. 

The piece of land or plot one buys today, after 10 years from now, this Land value will be much higher than today's buying price. As city will expand, Govt. will come up with new Road Maps and highways along the place, which will automatically double up your investment. As the days pass by the new offices and factories will be build to maintain the balance of the economy. In the end, the investment in land or plot will give you higher return on longer run than anyother investment. 

Always keep in mind, Land Value will always grow more and price will be higher than before, so its spaces shrink, the asking rate will always go up. So it will be very intellectual to invest in Lands / Plots today for a better tomorrow. 



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